1+1 Hair Dryer

  • HK$2,280.00

1+1 Hair Dryer

The World’s Most Powerful 1+1 HAIR DRYER
The First Dual Air-Outlet Hair Dryer with BLDC Motors

This hair dryer makes you never turn back to normal.

This is the world’s first double-outlet hair dryer, which is equivalent to using two hair dryers to blow your hair at the same time

One price, double hair dryers

Never-before-experienced “speed”, no longer go for work late

Twice as fast for hair drying

Twice amount of negative ions

Twice as soft for hair


Blowing time, speed double

Heat damage, reducing double

Hair split ends, protection double

Dual brushless motors
High speed, Time-safe
for durability and energy efficiency

The number of revolutions per minute (RPM) exceeds 200,000, which is the strongest on the earth’s surface

Blow both hot and cold air simultaneously quickly dry and style hair in an instant.

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