JVG Paragon Filter CP-4

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JVG Paragon Filter CP-4

JVG Paragon Filter CP-4

Water purifier for natural products

JVG Paragon Filter CP-4
The Water which acquired 5 international certificates supervised by the U.S. Iampo R&T INC. for clean and safe water for our children and family members
Paragon Filter filtering steps

5 Step Filtration

Step 1. Removal of particulate contaminants and unpleasant odor Chloramine(disinfectant), chlorine, particulate class 1 (removal of particles with size of 0. 5um or larger)

Step 2. Removal of fine particles and volatile organic compound Asbestos, cyst, lead, mercury, MTBE (isobutylene), turbidity, voc(volatile, organic compounds)

Step 3. Removal of pharmaceuticals and 15 new contaminants Reduction and removal of estrone(hormone), bisphenol A (environmental hormone), ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory drug), naproxen (anti-inflammatory drug), nonylphenol (surfactant), phenytoin (anti-seizure drug), and 15 new contaminants

Step 4. Removal of perfluorinated compounds PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), PFOS (perfluorooctanoic sulfonate)

Step 5. Filters out hazardous and protect body This purifier filters out hazardous substances and protects minerals good for the body

Product Name: CP-4 Water Purifier System Color: White Size: 77×420(mm) Filter Material: Carbon block Certifications: iapmo & KC Filter Life Cycle: 12-18 months Origin: U.S.A Outer Material: PET Effective water purification: 3, 500 Lit