HIRO 5~20 ton Water Treatment System

HIRO 5~20 ton Water Treatment System

HIRO 5~20 ton Water Treatment System

The commercial water treatment system

Hiro Pure Water System


– HIRO System using Reverse Osmosis technology is designed. To supply clean and safe water to the whole house & restaurant, hospital and etc. With elegant design and ease of installment.

(1) RO membrane filtration removes waterborne pathogens and heavy metals.

(2) RO system with pore size of 0.001~ 0.0001 μm can reject substances up to 95 ~ 99%.

(3) Pre-filtration stages with carbon filter and de-ionizing resin protecting RO membrane.

(4) UV sterilizer prevents secondary pollution of bacteria for safe drinking water.

(5) Easy maintenance.

(6) Easy to move by hands.

(7) Automatic operation by PLC

Hiro Water Purifying System in used
  • Performance could be varied with condition of supply water.
  • System features subject to change without notice
Hiro Water Purifying System specification


Model Number: HIRO-5~20 ton

Capacity(Ton/Day): 5~20 ton

Dimensions(L×W×H) mm: 1200×790×1470

Clean Water Capability: 200-600L/hr

Membrane(R/O) 4021(Portable water)  1-3

System Plan Power Consumption(Kw) 1~1.5

– Basic: Temp 25 degrees C, ph of 7, SDI of 5 or less, NTU under 1, and TDS under 200ppm
Hiro Pure Water purifying system

Made in Korea


1-year onsite maintenance


Dedicated door-to-door installation, maintenance and replacement of filter elements