JVG High-Capacity Stand Type Ice & Hot Water Dispenser

JVG High-Capacity Stand Type Ice & Hot Water Dispenser

Suitable for over 50 people

High-Capacity Stand Type Ice & Hot Water

• Hot Water Capacity of 12 liters (20L / hr)
• Cold Water Capacity of 2 liters (6L / hr)

Direct Drinking Grade

• Metal Plate
• Stand-by Mode After 4 Hrs
• Power : 1500W
• Dimension: 340(W)×395(D)×1400(H)

High-capacity upright water dispenser allows customers to freely choose and express their personal preferences by sacrificing color.

In addition to meeting everyone’s drinking water needs, it also incorporates personalized design elements to showcase our respect for the tastes and preferences of our customers. It allows customers to create a unique user experience and fall in love with the functionality and aesthetics of this upright water dispenser.

You Can Choose Between a 5-Layer 0.1-micron 50,000L High-Capacity Filter Cartridge or RO (Reverse Osmosis) Membrane Filter Cartridge.

1-year onsite maintenance


Dedicated door-to-door installation, maintenance and replacement of filter elements