JVG Waters Therapy Shower Head (Silver)

  • HK$1,280.00

JVG Waters Therapy Shower Head (Silver)

JVG Waters Therapy Shower Head (Silver)

Take a moment to enjoy a new shower experience

remove chlorine, impurities
  • It can remove chlorine, impurities, etc., and reduce damage to the skin and human body

  • Built-in two 12000 Gaussian strong magnets to create a dynamic magnetic field and rearrange the water molecules

  • Suitable for easy hair loss, dry skin, eczema, skin sensitivity, asthma, excessive dandruff, etc.

Lavender essential oil

Exclusive skin nutrition box:

  • French pure natural aromatherapy oil, relieve stress, activate body metabolism
  • Extract collagen from deep-sea fish to increase skin elasticity
  • Contains vitamin C essence, whitening and moisturizing
JVG Waters Therapy Shower head

Specially designed unidirectional ion sheet

  • Produce 250,000 ea negative ions, 50 times more than forest, sterilize and improve respiratory symptoms

  • About 30 more hydraulic power than ordinary shower heads

  • Save about 30-50% water consumption


Made in Korea


1-year warranty


The cotton core can be used for about 1 month


The nutrition box can use approximately 10,000 liters of water


30-day money-back guarantee