JVG S7 Multifunctional Water Ionizer

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JVG S7 Multifunctional Water Ionizer

JVG S7 water electrolysis machine can be adjusted to produce alkaline water and acidic water with different pH values.

JVG S7 water electrolysis machine

Water Machine •  No longer limited to “Drinking”

It can be directly drunk and has a wide range of other daily uses

cooking soup and cooking food
  • Cooking food to make the food more distinctive and nutritious

  • Soup, using about70%of the usual ingredients and time, full of flavor and less fat

washing vegetables, meat, seafood
  • Used for cleaning vegetables, can remove pesticides.

  • Used for cleaning meat, can remove viruses and bacteria

  • Used for cleaning seafood, can remove the surface pollution and peculiar smell, making the food fresher and more delicious

  • Used for cleaning the fruit to prevent it from spoiling and make the shelf life longer

different ph value
  • Alkaline water(pH8-11) is suitable for

Direct drinking, boiling soup, washing food, relieving hangover, making tea and coffee drinks, preparing Chinese medicine, etc.

  • Acidic water (pH2.8-5.5) is suitable for

Rinse mouth, wash face, remove makeup, replace shrink water, help sterilize wounds, eczema, skin diseases, periodontal disease, wash dishes, immerse children’s toys, etc.

JVG S7 Multifunctional Water Ionizer
  • Free radicals are abnormal cells in the body with unpaired electrons alone. The chemical properties are extremely unstable, and they are prone to lose electrons (oxidation) or gain electrons (reduction), causing the body to oxidize and causing cells to lose their normal functions. The cells seem to be rusted.

  • Cells are oxidized and rusted, causing common diseases such as stroke, diabetes, myocardial infarction, gastric ulcer, gastritis, hepatitis, cataract, gout, etc.

  • Electrolyzed water, also known as reduced water, is calcium ion water with a negative ORP value. Its negative ions can neutralize (also known as reduction) free radical activity, remove free radicals, and replenish water.

  • Antioxidant effect, like adding vitamins to water

  • ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of alkaline water, up to -400 to -600

JVG S7 Multifunctional Water Ionizer
  • Intelligent NSF Material Direct Drinking Filter Element: Built-in microcomputer chip, automatically calculate and display the replacement time of the filter element
  • Precision water flow checker: Calculate the water flow every 0.1 second, intelligent voice prompts, the water flow too fast will affect the filtering effect, and the water flow too slow will affect the pH value
  • Light touch piano layout: no dirt and oily smoke, easy to clean
  • Temperature sensing: to ensure that the machine parts and filter element will not be damaged due to accidental inflow of hot water
  • Automatic cleaning function: every time the water machine is used, the remaining water will flow in the machine, and the pipes will be automatically cleaned and discharged to keep the inside of the water machine safe and hygienic
JVG S7 Multifunctional Water Ionizer filter

Hazardous substance penetration layer
Filter impurities and organic pollutants, remove peculiar smells, and improve the taste and taste of water. At the same time, active silver is mixed as an antibacterial element to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the filter.

Calcium layer
Calcium is added to increase the alkaline mineral content in the water, thereby promoting the electrolysis process.

Carbon element
The activated carbon filter layer removes any remaining water sources of pesticides, disinfectants, phenols, trihalomethanes and other harmful chemicals. Enhance the antibacterial effect, and also use silver as an additional antibacterial element.

Hollow ultrafiltration membrane
Catch and eliminate bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms (protozoa, giardia, cysts), rust, metal particles and lead. This ultra-fine filtration effectively removes pollutants and impurities up to0.01Micron particle size while keeping the necessary alkalized minerals intact.

Made in Korea

2 years onsite maintenance

10-year electrolytic plate warranty


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