Mineral Water Factory

Mineral Water Factory

Mineral Water Factory

RO Filtration System

Product Overview

A Portable Mineral water-producing machine is combined with an advanced RO system to produce safe drinking water.

This machine is suitable to use in small-scale mineral water factories or water refill stations for delivery of bottled water.

Capacity (Ton/Day)7~8
R.O Membrane (#4040)2
Operating Pressure(Kg/㎠)8~10
Electric Power (Kw)1.2
Dimension (L×W×H mm900×800×1780


Product Features

1) The system is operated automatically by PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) control
2) Automatic filling after putting the bottle into the system and pressing the button of “START”
3) U.V. sterilizing system at the filling stage
4) Dual TDS meter / Available to indicate the TDS value of raw water and clean water by data link process
5) Capping system / Available to do capping of the bottle upon the filtration of clean water
6) Compact design and Easy Installation / Easy to move and install / Possible to run the system immediately after connecting INLET and DRAIN pipes.


Made in Korea


1-year onsite maintenance


Dedicated door-to-door installation, maintenance and replacement of filter elements