JVG S9-Plus Multifunctional Water Ionizer

  • HK$23,980.00

JVG S9-Plus Multifunctional Water Ionizer

Introducing the New Multifunctional Water Ionizer
Under Counter Ionizer that makes the magical water,

S9-Plus Multifunctional Water Ionizer

The pH and ORP miracles,
S9-Plus Multifunctional Water Ionizer
will help you reclaim your health!

Chemical residue removal

Disinfection and sanitization

Drinking water providing
Multiple health benefits

Stunning combination of a classic kitchen faucet
And state of the art technology for water treatment.

Accommodating your every wish and desire, It makes elegant details of a modern interior in the kitchen.

A perfect fit on any contemporary kitchen sink.

S9-Plus Multifunctional Water Ionizer Base and faucet








Electrolysis chamber equipped with 9 super large medical-grade and platinum-coated
Titanium electrode plates separates the incoming water stream into alkaline and acidic Components.



The water in the chamber runs over positive and negative electrodes placed in 9 water cells separated by diaphragm.

Then, the water is ionized and separated into H+ and OH-.
At the same time, alkaline and acidic mineral contents in the water are separated in accordance with their polarities and concentrated within the respective water cell.

Alkaline and acidic water are created by this ionization of electrodes and dispensed separately.


Incoming water is automatically shut off when the filter is removed that it makes the filter replacement totally hassle-free.

S9-Plus Introduction Video


Made in Korea


2 years onsite maintenance


10-year electrolytic plate warranty


On-site installation


30-day money-back guarantee