Onyx Slim Water Purifier

  • HK$10,880.00

Onyx Slim Water Purifier

Simple & Prestige Design

Complete your kitchenterior neatly.

Slim & Sleek Design

The Onyx is designed to fit perfectly into narrow spaces and counter tops with smaller dimensions

Extreme Temperature

The onyx has the extreme temperature with hot and cold water. The hottest

water temperature is 100°C and the coldest water temperature is under 5°C

(Up to 90°C in a drinking water glass*)

* The actual temperature will vary due to different water sources and environments

Child Lock (For Safety)

The Onyx has child lock function for hot temperature as a safety precaution

Automatic Cleansing with Electrolytic Water

Using Electrolytic water, inner stainless steel pipe is automatically cleaned to maintain tidiness and freshness, when the purifier is not used, automatic cleansing is performed for every 24 hours

One-touch Fixed Quantity Dispense Function

Experience the convenience of having hot, ambient, and cold water all from one faucet, allowing you to effortlessly dispense the exact amount of water you desire with ease.

Easy Filter Replacement

When it is required to replace the filter, the red lamp is turned on to notify the user to clean or replace the filter. As opposed to difficult filter replacement of previous water purifiers, anyone can just simply grab and pull the filter to have it replaced

UV Sterilization

The Onyx always sterilizes internal flow pipe with UV LED to maintain tidiness and freshness

Onyx Display


Size    135 X 345 X 408 mm (Excludes Tray)

Filtration Stage    Carbon Block(1st) + E-Positive(2nd)

Flow speed (Average)    Cold(0.8lpm) / Hot(0.5lpm) / Ambient(1lpm)

Volume    110/250/500ml

Cold Water Temp.    Cold Water(8°C~10°C) / Ice Water(5°C~8°C)

Hot water Temp.    LV1 (50°C) / LV2 (85°C) / LV3 (100°C)


Made in Korea


2 years of on-site maintenance


On-site installation


30-day money-back guarantee